Thanksgiving: a time when family comes together to celebrate, reflect, and perhaps even resolve some family business. If your family is anything like mine, your Thanksgiving night concluded with a gang of 12 people, including your 80-year-old Great Uncle, walking 1/2 a mile to settle a bet that your 60-year-old father (“flu-ridden,” as he would add) could not kick a 20 yard field goal on his first try. That’s just a Capuano thing? I always thought my family was odd…

Oh, for the record: he missed. It took him 3 tries.

Regardless. Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather and celebrate God’s endless and bountiful blessings in our lives.

My family is a source of Thanksgiving for me in my prayers constantly.

My Harvest family is a very close second source of Thanksgiving. God has been doing a lot at Harvest, and there are 3 very important things I brought up in a Family Chat on Sunday. Something to celebrate, something to reflect on, and something to resolve. Take 15 minutes and give it a listen if you missed it.

Have a great week, and I cannot wait to see you on Sunday.


Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash