“Do you know why all of the brightest people are from the Northeast?”

“No, Dad. Why?”

“Because it snows all of the time. And it’s dark. We can’t go to the beach. We can’t climb mountains. All we can do is sit inside and read. That’s why.”

🤔 Good point. However, I think my West Coast wife would beg to differ.

The logic is there though, right? It’s all about redeeming the time. This is the logic behind the Apostle Paul’s command to the Ephesians, “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.”

And here we all are. The Coronavirus has spread fast and far, forcing men, women, and children across the globe to hide in their homes like a snow-bound Yale PhD student from an enemy unseen, hoping and praying the impact will be minimal. And while it seems like we are being stretched thin with all of these new roles we have (raise your hand if you were trained to be a school teacher! or an IT expert! or an introvert!), we must fight to care for what is most important.

There has been a flood of resources given away to help you strengthen your soul during the Coronavirus shutdown. And I wanted to put them in front of you.

Don’t let this time pass without tending to your soul.

Now go and redeem the time!

Audible.com has a massive library of free resources made available for as long as schools are out

The Dwell App has made their incredible Audio Bible free for 60 days.

Biblicaltraining.org continues to offer Bible College and Seminary level courses for free.

Ligonier Ministries have offered over 100 free until June 30.

Crossway is offering 6 ebooks available for free (Health in an Anxious Age, Big Picture Bible Crafts, A Shelter in the Time of Storm, Prayer: How Praying Together Shapes the Church, The Final Days of Jesus: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived).

ESV.org (also by Crossway) is also offering access to an incredible toolbox including study Bibles, original language tools, and Bible studies through May 31.

• Crossway is also offering more resources in the form of podcasts, verse cards, articles, interviews, and more for you right now.

XXXChurch is offering their workshops on breaking porn addiction for 50% off.

Credo Courses is offering Gary Habermas’s seminar on the resurrection for free

Westminster Bookstore has made available 15 of their favorite chapters on worry, fear, and anxiety (PDF)

Twelve Stones Counseling is offering free 30-60 minute consultations for anyone in need of counseling help.

Focus on the Family is offering their Adventures in Odyssey club for free for 4 weeks. This is such a fun resource for kids.


Storytime with Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of the Jesus Storybook Bible

Sally Lloyd-Jones compiled a GREAT list of things to do while you are at home

Homeschooling resources, tips, and ideas from Bridgetown Church in Portland, OR 

Videos of Christian authors of children’s books reading them to kids

**3/31 ADDITIONS**

Crossway has released a Podcast called “Gentle and Lowly in Heart.” The Gentle and Lowly podcast is a new 14-day audio devotional exploring the heart of Christ for sinners and sufferers. Join Dane Ortlund each day for a brief Scripture reading as well as a devotional meditation on a different aspect of the heart of Christ, as he helps you discover afresh not just what Jesus has done for you but how he feels about you as his beloved.

“Sickness” by JC Ryle (Ebook). Be sure to click on “ebook” in order to receive the FREE offer.


The Ultimate Defense of the Resurrection Course FREE from Credo Courses. They have many courses available for free. Plus their “Everything Digital” package, which goes a long way towards an online seminary education, for $199.

Just google “free courses COVID 19” and you will find a slew of offerings for all sorts of things from exercise to lettering, like my wife Shannon is trying to learn.

Make the effort. Redeem the time.