5 Ways You Choose to Hoard Instead of Worship

We have all seen that show Hoarders, right? You see the inside of their home and it is lined with newspapers and magazines from 1972 through today. Cat food piled to the ceiling. Old McDonalds bags and pizza boxes hanging around, just in case they may ever be needed. It’s a painful and sad disorder that is based completely in fear. “What if I do not have enough? What if there is a day that I need one of these 72 backscratchers I found at a garage sale 9 years ago? What if…” It is painful and sad to see. The most glorious moment in those shows is when the dumpster gets backed into the driveway, the family comes over, and the house gets cleaned out. I don’t know about you, but I feel cleaner when this happens. I feel like the air around me becomes less stale when I watch this on TV. It feels so freeing! I’ve got news for you: You are and I are hoarders. When it comes to your finances, you are either a hoarder or a worshiper. There is no in-between. You are either going to give in to fear by holding onto and