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Why are we having the Psalm 119 Conference?

Have you ever picked up the Bible and thought, “I have no idea how to read this thing.”

Have you ever read the Bible and thought, “This does not make any sense to me. Every time I read this I get more and more confused.”

Have you ever looked at your Bible and thought, “Every time I pick that up I feel like I am wasting my time. So you know what, I’m not going to waste it again.”

Guess what? You’re not alone.

Listen, God wrote a book, and it is called the Bible.  And the Bible was written so that you can understand what God wants to say to you about Himself, about you, about redemption, and most of all about His Son Jesus Christ. The greatest thing you can do to kick of 2018 is to spend half of a Saturday learning how to read and apply God’s eternal Truth to your life.

Why is this called the Psalm 119 Conference? 

Every year we take a month to preach from Psalm 119. Psalm 119 is the longest chapter of the Bible, and it is all about God’s Word, and why it is so precious and incredible. This January we are kicking off our 4-week focus on Psalm 119 with a special guest who will not only open up Psalm 119 to us on Sunday January 7, but will help you learn how to read our Bible for yourself on Saturday January 6.

Who is David Hegg? David was Pastor Brandon and Shannon’s pastor while Brandon was in Seminary in California. Brandon asked David to come and lead this conference because he is passionate about God’s Word, and passionate about helping others know how to use it in their every day life. Here is a little bit about David in his own words:

 “I was raised in a pastor’s family in Spokane, WA. After graduating from Los Angeles Baptist College (Now The Master’s University) I married my best friend Cherylyn. Our three children are all grown, married well, in love with Christ and serving his church.

My studies include a M.A. in theology from Western Baptist Seminary, and a D.Min in preaching from Westminster Theological Seminary in California. I have served as an adjunct faculty member at The Master’s College since 1994 teaching theology, Old and New Testament, and Ethics. Currently I teach Theology 1, and Sermon Prep and Delivery, and love having interaction with the next generation of gospel preachers.

I am passionate about God’s Word and believe the greatest need in the church today is for pastors to preach the Bible the way it was written. That is, to recognize the beginning place of meaning is determining what the original author intended the original readers to understand from the words he used. When we get their meaning right, we can bring God’s inspired truth to our world, relying on the Spirit to use it in transforming ways.”

We are looking forward to spending this weekend with you! There is no better way to spend $15 and a few hours in 2018. You will reap the rewards for the rest of your life.

Please reach out if you have any questions. You are loved!


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