Here are how our ministries are happening during this season…

We are allowed to have only 25 people in attendance – so we are systematically working through inviting all who call Harvest “home” to attend a specific Sunday, to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend an in-person service. Those invites go out on Tuesdays each week, and on Thursdays, any spots that are still available are then opened to the next group to fill.

We also Livestream our worship service every week – and encourage everyone who can’t be in-person to join us online for that.

Sunday’s 10 AM at!

Our Harvest Kids Service is being offered on Saturday’s at 10 AM, with a cap of 25 people. There is a weekly rolling registration for this service also, to ensure all of our Harvest Kids have an opportunity to attend.

We ask that parents please drop their children off at the Comedy at the Carlson front doors at 10 AM on the Saturday they are registered for, and be back to pick them up at 11 AM.

We will also be Livestreaming this Kids Worship Service on Saturday’s at 10 AM at!

Our Small Groups have taken a variety of routes to ensure the safety of all participants along with making sure we follow the guidelines that have been given to us.

Our Student Ministry will continue as regularly scheduled with the only change being location. They will now be meeting at the Comedy at the Carlson instead of at the Ministry Center.