Unboxing Love

December 23, 2018
1. Do I KNOW God? (V7-8) 2.  What is LOVE? (V9-10) God’s love for me is: VISIBLE INTENTIONAL BENEFICIAL INITIL SACRIFICIAL   3. Do I LOVE OTHERS?

Unboxing Joy

December 16, 2018
1. DISCOVER Jesus PERSONALLY as your source of JOY (v8-16) 2. When Jesus is your joy, your joy is expressed int: 2a. MISSION (v17-19) 2b. WORSHIP (v20) 2c. TRANSFORMATION (v8,…
1. Peace with GOD requires ACTION from God and FAITH from me. 2. Peace with OTHERS requires a HUMBLE EXAMPLE from God, and HUMBLE ACTION from me. 3. Peace with…
1.  A Broken Reality: Hope is Promised 2. A Shattered Family: Hope is Relentless 3. Repeated Captivity: Hope is Silent 4. Silence is broken: Hope is Yours