Why Pray
October 28, 2018

Why Pray

Passage: Exodus 2:23-25

Big idea: God's character should cause His people to pray.

4 reasons you and I should be committed to unceasing prayer:
1) God hears the prayers of His people (24a)
2) God remembers His promises to His people (24b)
3) God sees the position of His people (25a)
4) God loves to love His people (25b)

Expect a “no” from God when:
1) You fail to pray (Jas 4.2b)
2) Your prayer is for your glory rather than God’s glory (Jas 4.3)
3) Your prayer is not prayed in faith (Jas 1.6-7)
4) Your prayer is blocked by transgression (Ps 66.18)
5) Your prayer isn’t part of God’s providential plan (1Jn 5.14-15)